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By using EXENO Platform you agree to these Terms and Regulations:



§ 1


The Seller – EXN Co Ltd. -  incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Marshall Islands, entered into the commercial companies registrar under number 109606, with its registered office in the Republic of Marshall Islands MH 96960, Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro (hereinafter referred to as “EXENO”).

EXENO – an online e-commerce Platform available at the exeno.com, owned by EXN Co Ltd. pursuant to these Terms and Regulations.

Platform – online web shop offering Items for sale at www.exeno.com.

Distributor -  EXENO Sp. z o.o., a company with its registered office at PRUSZKÓW, STALOWA 28/30, 05-800, entered into the Companies Registrar - XIV Wydział Gospodarczy under number: KRS 0000868325, VAT number: 5252842155.

Registration – procedure of setting up an Account by the User on the Platform, including providing User details, delivery details, payment information and any other information required to process sale and delivery of goods through the Platform.

Account – a collection of resources managed by EXENO for the User under a unique name (login), where the User’s data and information concerning the User’s activity of EXENO are collected.

User – a person over 18 years of age who received access to services provided on the Platform by EXENO pursuant to the Rules and Regulations.

Customer Service – the Seller designated employees available to help at [email protected] or after login at the Customer service subpage.

Google Authenticator - is a software-based authenticator by Google that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm, for authenticating users of software applications

Buyer – a User who takes actions to purchase or who purchases Items with Coins on EXENO.

Products – items which are the subject of a Listing for sale.

Listing – a proposal to conclude a contract of sale for a Product using the functionalities available on EXENO under the terms provided for in the listing, including in particular the price, description and specifics of offered Product.

Transactions – process of entering into and performing contracts of purchase and sale of Products between a User and EXENO through the chosen by the Buyer Payment operator.


Payment operator –


i)                     Binance PAY which provides various services provided to you by Binance upon their Terms of Use, that are based on Internet and/or blockchain technologies and offered via Binance websites, mobile applications, clients and other forms (including new ones enabled by future technological development) whose domain names include but are not limited to https://www.binance.com/en.

ii)                   MetaMask operated by ConsenSys Software Inc. which provides a platform for managing Ethereum and other blockchain accounts based on their Terms of Use, and allowing ordinary websites and applications to interact with blockchain networks, while keeping the user in control over what transactions they approve, through our website located at https://metamask.io/ and browser plugin (the “Site”) and mobile application (the “App”).


which are independent from the Seller and the Distributor crypto currency payment providers.

Coin – price for Product offered through the Payment operator in his currency, value of which is established by crypto currency indexes, held and operated by Payment operator.


§ 2



2.1. The Terms and Regulations for concluding between The SELLER and The User contracts for the sale and purchase of Products by means of distance communication and use, by User from EXENO through the online Platform.

2.2. To use the service provided by the online store (Platform) the Buyer he needs to acquaint with and afterwards accept these Terms and Regulations.

2.3. In order to use the EXENO Platform it is necessary to have a device with an internet browser which operates Javascript and cookies, with internet access. To use the Platform by the Buyers it is necessary to create an Account and accept the Terms and Regulations of the Platform as well as download Google Authenticator.

2.4. In the field of electronic services in these rules referred to in these Terms and Regulations are the Rules referred to in art. 8 of the act of 18 July 2002 on Electronic services (Journal of laws of 2002 no. 144, item. 1204, as amended). Terms are directed to all Buyers of the online shop. Regulations are available for Buyers free of charge on the website of the online store. The Buyer is obliged to comply with all the provisions of the Regulations. Sales are based on the current version of these Terms and Regulations, ie, applicable at the time of placing the order and accepted by the Buyer. to use the services available in the online shop it is necessary to have a computer system that allows the use of internet resources, e-mail and browser online resource that allows the display of web pages. It is recommended to use one of these internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, with the option " cookies" (cookies supported).

2.5. Buyers must be natural persons of at least 18 years of age, having full capacity to perform acts in law.

2.6. All information contained on the website store, relating to the Products (including prices), does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the civil code but an invitation to enter into the agreements referred to in article 71 of the civil code.

2.7. Information about the price of Products sold through the Platform is in Coin and binding from the moment of receipt of the confirmation e-mails referred to in point 4.5 below. After successful submission of the Order and e-mail receipt by the Buyer, referred to in point 4.5 of these Terms and Regulations, this price will not change regardless of changes in the prices in the store, which may arise in relation to particular Products as indexes for crypto currencies change.

2.8. Photos of the goods are placed in the Platform for exemplary purposes only and are specifically indicated in the presentation of these models.

2.9. Buyers are able to purchase Products in the Platform after filling out the registration form and setting up a User profile.

2.10 Prerequisite for a successful placing of an order, is to provide accurate and real address data by the Buyer indicated in the order form or registration form, and an indication of a phone number or an e-mail address at which it will be possible to contact the Buyer by the Seller.

2.11 The Accounts are non-transferable to third parties. The Account may be deleted online through the opt out on the account or at any time by the Buyer through contacting [email protected] and requesting its closing. The account shall be closed within 24h of receiving the request.





3.1. The information contained in the Registration form and Purchase form should be precise, truthful and current. If the Buyer provides incorrect or outdated information, in particular as regards to the personal data of the Buyer, the Seller is not obliged to carry out orders. It is prohibited to transfer or make available by the Buyer illegal content or infringe the rights of third parties.

3.2. Seller shall take the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent acquisition and modification of data provided by the Buyer during registration and when ordering by unauthorized users.

3.3. Buyer is obliged in particular to:

a)        use the services offered by the Seller in a way that causes no disruption to the online store, in particular through the use of malware, or any other dangerous or harmful software or equipment.

b)       not taking actions to acquire possession of classified information held by the seller.

c)        the use of the services offered by the Seller in accordance with the provisions in force in the republic of Poland, the provisions of the rules

d)       use of the services offered by the seller without major inconvenience to other Buyers and to the seller, with respect to their personal rights (including the right to privacy) and others of their rights.

e)        use of any content included in the online shop only for personal use.

f)        Seller may deprive the Buyer the right to use the online shop in the case of misrepresentation in the registration form or order form or in case of breach of the obligations referred to point 2 above. A Buyer who has been deprived of the right to use the services of an online store can not re-register without the prior consent of the Seller.

g)        placing an effective order is possible only when selected by the Buyer goods are available in the online shop of the seller. Information about the availability is in the description of the item.

3.4. Once all required information is provided by the Buyer, the Seller shall confirm registration of the account through an email sent to the address provided by the Buyer.




4.1. Orders for goods available in the online shop are made through the Purchase form, available in the online store.

4.2. Placing an order through Purchase form is possible around the clock, every day of the week. Orders placed on weekdays will be implemented on an ongoing basis. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be implemented no earlier than the next business day.

4.3. In the case of the Buyer registration in the online shop, an Order shall be made by logging in to the store, choosing Products, adding them to the basket and confirmation of the Order (including payment for the Product).

4.4. Sending the order by the Buyer (approval click "pay") constitutes an offer submitted by the Buyer to the Seller to enter into a contract of sale, in accordance with the Regulations.

4.5. After sending the order the Buyer receives confirmation of acceptance of his Purchase offer by electronic means (confirmation of the Order), at the e-mail address indicated by the Buyer. After receiving above-mentioned acceptance agreement of sale is valid.


5.1. All prices of goods on the website store:

a) are given in currently serviced crypto currencies offered on the date of the Transaction by the chosen Payment operator, payment method and currency;

b) include vat where applicable in the legally binding rate,

d) includes the Payment operators fee. This charge is a fee established by the Payment operator, the fee is a non-refundable payment made directly to the Payment operator for operating the Coin transaction.


5.2. Information on shipment and delivery costs is provided separately, next to the prices of goods and based on delivery region at checkout. It is added to the total price. The price does not include taxes and customs due on international delivery, which may be charged by local Government agencies. All such taxes and customs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

5.3. The price given for each Product is binding upon receipt of the email confirmation of the Purchase.

5.4. The Buyer shall pay for the Order through the currencies available (Coin) at the Payment Operator. The maximum one-time payment through the Platform is equivalent of 10 000,00 USD.

5.5. Successful payment for the Order is the basis of entering in the sale/purchase contract and placing the Order.





6.1. After receiving the Purchase confirmation and Payment confirmation from the Payment operator, the Seller shall issue within 72 hours information on product shipment with tracking information. Some products, depending on their availability, may take up to 7 days before shipment is confirmed.

6.2. Indicative date of the contract is from 3 to 21 working days and is dependent on, among other things, the:

            b) availability of goods;

            c) delivery address.


6.3. The cost of shipping the Product is covered by the Buyer and it is added to the price for the selected Product. This cost is indicated to the Buyer before placing his Order, dependent on the delivery address. Each Product is shipped separately therefore the cost of shipping is added to each Product separately.

6.4. The Products are delivered to the address indicated in the Purchase Order. Time of the delivery for shipped Orders is between 3-21 working days.

6.5. Buyer while receiving the delivery should check its condition. In the event of damage of delivery, Buyer should in courier’s presence write a damage report and send it immediately, not later than within 3 working day, to the Operator’s Customer Service for processing insurance coverage. Lack of damage report may result in no coverage for the damages resulting due to delivery.  The Seller may request return of the damaged Product for review.

6.6. According to art. 38 point 2 of the Consumer Protection law (Journal of Laws 2020.287), due to payment in crypto currencies, there are no refunds due to cancelation of Purchase, withdrawal from the Purchase or compensation for damaged Products. Returned Products to EXENO are exchanged to new Products. Exchange of Product needs to be done on the Return Form available from the Customer Support.

6.7. Orders are executed in the order they are received until stock availability of the chosen Product.

6.8. Proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) is delivered via email. If the Buyer is a VAT payer and requests an invoice during checkout, is requested to provide the necessary data, especially his VAT number. After checkout and payment it is not possible to issue a VAT invoice.





7.1. All products available through the Platform are covered with the Producers guarantee, who is directly responsible for any Product guarantees for the period specified by the Producer.

7.2. All guarantees are preformed directly through the authorized services of the Producer of the Products. For support in locating authorizes services in your Region please contact our Customer Service.




8.1. Database administrator of the online store for Buyer’s personal information is the Operator.
8.2. Providing personal data by the Buyer appropriately in the form of registration is voluntary, but without providing such consent shopping in the online store are not possible (for data marked as mandatory).

8.3. The Administrator processes the Buyer's personal data and collects cookies in order to implement the sale agreement, including the shipping of goods, as well as consideration of possible complaints. Under the Terms and Regulations specified in the applicable law, the Administrator may also process the Buyer's personal data in direct marketing of his own products and services.

8.4. Database Administrator of the online store for Buyer personal information is the Operator. Such data may be allocated to entities dealing with providing the goods, except that the scope of entrustment can not go beyond the data necessary for the delivery of the goods to the Buyer as well as processing payment by the Payment operator.

8.5. Each Buyer registered in the online shop has the right of access to information which he/she provided as personal data within the meaning of the act of 29 august 1997 on the protection of personal data (i.e. journal of laws of 2012 no. 101 item 926 with amendments) and correct them, and also he/she has the right to control the processing of information given by him/her as personal data under the terms of this act, including, in particular, the right to bring, in the cases mentioned in this law written, reasoned request to cease processing the data due to his/her particular situation and the right to object to the processing of his/her data in the cases listed in the act.

8.6. The Buyer can opt to receive, given by him the e-mail address or phone number, business information derived from the Operator, the possibility of using automated calling systems for direct marketing purposes in accordance with art. Paragraph 172. 1 of the act of 16 July 2004 telecommunications law (Journal of Laws nr.171 item. 1800, as later amended).




9.1. Recognition of individual provisions of these Terms and Regulations in the manner provided by law to be invalid or unenforceable, shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid provision there will be applied a rule, which is closest to the objectives of the invalid provision and the whole of these Terms and Regulations.

9.2. THE Seller has the right to change these Terms and Regulations. In the event of changes to the Terms and Regulations, the Seller will inform the Buyer through a statement which is released on the store website, a message sent to via e-mail to Buyers, or in another customary manner, at least 14 days before the planned entry into force of such amendments. Amendments to the Terms and Regulations do not apply to orders placed before such change; order is then executed on the basis of the provisions of the Terms and Regulations in force at the time of the order by the Buyer.

9.3. Seller indicates that in the event you do not receive an e-mail from the Seller, these messages can be in the spam box, or be blocked by Buyer’s software. In the absence of an e-mail from the Seller or the Operator, it is advisable to check whether the message has not been blocked by the Buyer’s software or classified as spam.

9.4. Seller is not responsible for transactions made by unauthorized third parties who may have access to the Buyer's account in the store as a result of the loss or disclosure by the Buyer of his login or password to this account.

9.5. Amendments to the Regulations enter into force within 14 days after purchase, and/or after delivery of the information to the Buyer (in the manner specified in § 9 paragraph. 2).


These Terms and Regulations have been approved by EXN Co Ltd. and come into force as of March 15, 2022.